Exhibition Opening: Contemporary KZN_Monochrome

“Black and white are absolute… expressing the most delicate vibration, the most profound tranquillity and unlimited profundity.” Shiko Munakata On Friday 22 November 2019, I was honoured to officially open the Contemporary KZN_Monochrome Exhibition as part of the Yard 41 Christmas festivities. This collaboration with Reid Gallery was born out of the need for South African…

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Contemporary KZN_Monochrome

Lara Waldburger and The Reid Gallery, in collaboration, are thrilled to invite you to the upcoming opening of the Contemporary KZN_Monochrome Exhibition. The concept was created as a platform for the engaged and busy South African artist to participate in a themed exhibition, whilst minimising the amount of administration and cost which these events may…

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The Fresh Olive Collection – Hilton Arts Festival

The Fresh Olive Collection| Hilton Arts Festival 2019 Conceptualised around a coffee table many months ago, it was exhilarating to see this collaborative Fresh Olive Collection come to life. The olive branch is a symbol of peace and victory and was meaningful to us as a team of creators. Also a perfect addition to any Christmas setting. The collection includes…

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“Send Roses” – An Exhibition of Art

Our beautiful KZN Midlands is not only memorable because of its rolling green hills, snow-adorned on occasion, or its winding and scenic dirt roads and the patterns of Nguni, but also because of the creative souls who live, work and exhibit their talent in this beautiful countryside. And this is where my passion lies! It…

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Art & Style in the KZN Midlands – Lime and Roses of Nottingham Road

Limes & Roses

Over the last few months, I have been truly inspired and energized by my collaborative work with Lynn Reynolds and her gorgeous brand and shop in the heart of Nottingham Road, Lime and Roses. It has been exciting being part of her design process in launching a beautiful new bed linen collection, entitled ‘In Leaf’,…

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Art & Style in the KZN Midlands – The Ruby Orchard

ruby orchard

There is something so refreshing about walking into the Ruby Orchard. It even smells beautiful! It perfectly fits it’s tagline – ‘Natural, Homely, Refreshing’. Situated in the heart of our beautiful KZN Midlands, I recall when I first moved to the Midlands being quite delighted to not only find a shop of this calibre (it…

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Beauty Will Save The World


“Man can live without science; he can live without bread, but without beauty he could no longer live, because there would no longer be anything to do to the world. The whole secret is here; the whole of history is here.” (This article is a cross-post between chriswaldburger.com and larawaldburger.com.) There is so much ugliness…

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Art & Style in the KZN Midlands – Blueberry Café

Bluberry Hill _ Lara 128

I remember those first walks I took after arriving in the KZN Midlands; this place I’d never even visited before I moved to this quaint country lifestyle – with lots of mud and gumboots, no Woolies around the bend and cold in winter like I’d never experienced before! It was those walks through the reserve,…

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