I am a watercolour artist inspired by my beautiful surroundings amidst the green hills of the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands.

Long walks taken through the countryside spark inspiration for my iridescent, imperfect botanical and floral artworks, through each passing season.

My love for watercolour is formed by the idea that the paint takes form in a whimsical, imperfect and meaningful way, such that something of the essence of our lovely flora of the Midlands shines through.

My artwork has been exhibited around the country and featured as design work on textiles and ceramics sold by interior decorators and clothing brands.

I truly enjoy being commissioned to paint for special occasions, spaces and textiles. I am also passionate about sharing the simple joy of watercolours during private or group painting workshops, in a very relaxed style, whilst encouraging the reflective and meditative process which painting with watercolour brings.

Light is therefore colour

- J M W Turner

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  • In this collection of 16 paintings lies my ❤️. These are originals & colours of our landscape, all painted over a period of 5 years.
I hope they could go to someone who loves the KZN Midlands as dearly as I do.
DM me to make an offer for the collection. I'll get back to you by the 1st June x
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  • I would say, on average, a bath and a half a day, preferably with some freshly picked Lavender & bath salts, have been getting me through this lockdown.
Only just.
Today I had a bit of a mental flip. I'm missing errybody!!
  • I can't tell you how many times I've walked this 'walk'. (Especially over the last 60 days)
It never disappoints!
  • 'Balgowan'
  • OK they're not mountains, but these hills have been  h o m e. The next few paintings are a tribute to them!
  • 'be messy & afraid and show up anyway'
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