I am a watercolour artist inspired by my surroundings amidst the green hills of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

Long walks taken through the countryside spark my iridescent, imperfect botanical and floral artworks, through each passing season. My love for watercolour is formed by the idea that the paint takes form in a whimsical, imperfect, and meaningful way, such that something of the essence of our beautiful flora of the Midlands shines through.

My artwork has been exhibited around the country and featured as design work on textiles sold by leading interior decorators and clothing brands.

I truly enjoy being commissioned to paint for special occasions, spaces and textiles. I am also passionate about sharing the simple joy of watercolours in painting workshops for small or large groups, in a very relaxed style.

Light is therefore colour

- J M W Turner
  • It's been an emotional roller coaster, the past week or so. So much on the go, and in between facing the deaths of people who are very dear to me and also people I don't know but whose stories have absolutely rocked my world + and I've wanted the world to stop for a moment - pause, acknowledge. And yet it doesn't. It keeps rolling on. And then in contrast, the births of brand new precious babies of friends. Life is a big #beautifulmess. Sometimes harsh & cruel, but always with the gift of hope in between. And hopefully lots and lots of love along the way. A blessed Friday to you and to those you hold dear x
  • How do I feel post-Festival ?
Like I never want to do a festival ever again 
Like I'd really like to do it all over again
Energised + Entirely inspired 
Like I just want to sit and watch Netflix for 48 hours
Like I want to paint + create in a new way
I want to pack away my paintbrushes until my third child is at least 18
Art + creativity is my world
I want to study Psychology 
Like next year I just want to wander the market amiably, browsing & poking...
Like I want to curate the whole thing
Are these normal feelings after a festival?? Or am I truly losing the plot
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  • Such a simple+delicate piece but it meant the world to me. And it is the inspiration behind our 'Fresh Olive Collection'. 🌿
'Seeking Serenity'
Original Watercolour Painting
  • Seeking this wholeheartedly
  • The prettiest morning to wander the streets @hiltonartsfest. The last day & it has been thrilling being amongst so much passion & talent in one place. The level of art at the show is beyond incredible, truly world class. Have had the best conversations. So enjoyed chatting to @natasha.sutherland - try to see her shows, Brutal Legacy + The Revlon Girl today, incredible stories! Also, just such great food & coffee... what a gorgeous Sunday ahead, I can't wait!
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  • 'Seeking Serenity'
Original watercolour painting available @hiltonartsfest .
Antique Oregon frame by @chalkitupsa
#watercolourart #oliveleaves #originalart #textiledesign #textilepainting #larawaldburger #kznmidlands #hiltonartsfest #hiltonartsfestival

Custom Designs

I love to paint designs especially for textiles and ceramics. My work has been used by brands such as Free Range Interior and Clothing; Lime and Roses of Nottingham Road; Michele Fortune Interior Designers; Rayne Ceramics and The A Store.

Artwork Commissions

It is always an honour to be commissioned to paint something unique and meaningful. Original paintings might then be scanned and edited, allowing colours to truly pop, and then printed to exact, specified size, for a contemporary feel, and to work in unique spaces or to celebrate meaningful occasions.


I absolutely love encouraging others to express themselves creatively, particularly through the medium of watercolour. I enjoy leading a small group, in a relaxed environment and would love to host a watercolour workshop for your specific group of friends or colleagues.